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10 Apr at 10 AM

Croatian Expat Living in Russia - Interview with Iva

In my other life, before Moscow, I was a career woman. As life is not predictable, in a matter of few months, my husband got a job in Moscow, Russia and I decided to become a CEO of home, taking care of our two kids and a dog. Trying to understand and cope with what I was told and what really there is to know about Russians, I started a blog....
21 Mar at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Russia - Interview with Jasilyn

Jasilyn is a blogger in her late 20s. She is currently living in Russia where she teaches English. She loves traveling and exploring her own city. Her favorite things to photograph are colorful buildings, graffiti, and abandoned places. She is working on becoming fluent in Spanish and Russian. Her blog is a collection of every day life told...
29 May at 9 AM

Canadian Expat Living in Russia - Interview with Rachael

Rachael is a film enthusiast and blogger who somehow managed to find herself in Moscow. The experience has been one big lesson, but a marvellous opportunity to grow. Throughout the year, Rachael has chronicled the madcap Russian life on her blog, The Sky is Just the Sky. She is a skiier, writer and singer, and knows for sure that there is no...
4 Sep at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Moscow, Russia - Meet Polly

Polly is an ESL teacher who's been living and working in Moscow, Russia since 2010. She fills her time by updating her blog and doing freelance writing for various travel publications. Polly's expat blog is called Polly Heath (see listing here) Meet Polly - US expat living in RussiaHere's the interview with Polly... Where are you originally...
28 Mar at 9 AM

US Expat Living in Russia - Interview With Lisa

Lisa and her boyfriend Ben met in college and quickly fell in love, bonding over their desires to travel. After graduation they decided to move to the capitol city of mother Russia to begin a life together teaching English. Though they have only lived in Moscow for a short while, they have fallen completely head over heels with everything...
14 Nov at 11 AM

Australian Expat Living In Moscow - Interview With Karla

Karla Spera's passion for travelling and the excitement to be an expat started when she entered the travel industry at 19 years of age. She spent the next 18 years working for an Australian travel wholesaler where she eventually wrote the travel brochures and traveled throughout Asia inspecting hotels and new destinations. It's was during...
1 Oct at 2 PM

Expat Interview With English Dad - British Expat In Russia

English dad in Moscow has travelled widely and worked some diverse jobs. Working in a gherkin pickle factory in Israel, as a body guard to the queen of Norway, as a sheep farmer and shepherd in Australia and as a pest controller in America! Not to mention travelling to Tahiti, Singapore, New Zealand, and Thailand. Originally from the UK, he...
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