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30 Oct at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Spain - Interview with Jiab & Jim

Jiab, born and raised in Thailand, is from one side of the world. Jim, a born and bred Texan, is from the other side. Jiab is quiet, serious, and reserved. She has a no-nonsense attitude, is frugal, and analyzes every decision with meticulous mathematical precision, living by the motto, “When you think you’ve double-checked the...
10 May at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

German Expat Living in Jordan - Interview with Bastian

Bastian is adventurer, loves exploring new places and taking pictures. He has been living in Jordan with his family since October 2016. He has lived in Jordan previously from 2008-2009. Bastian's expat blog is called Living in Jordan as Expat (see listing here) Me and my son at Qasr Abed - Iraq Al-AmirHere's the interview with...
26 Jan at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Italy - Interview with Alexa

Alexa is an American expat living and working in Bologna, Italy. After graduating from college and getting her TEFL certification, she moved abroad to teach English and learn Italian. She currently works as a English teacher at a private school in the city center. With Bologna being only an hour and a half away from Florence and two and...
25 Jan at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Germany - Interview with Cherie

Cherie and Dirk met online several years ago and started dating. This blog is the story of how they met, managed to date while living in two different countries, and eventually moved to Germany together. Cherie shares stories about all of their adventures leading up to and after the move from Michigan to Germany. Cherie's expat blog is...
17 Jan at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Filipino Expat Living in United Arab Emirates - Interview with JM Kayne

JM Kayne is a Filipina expat from Cebu Philippines and currently resides in Abu Dhabi UAE. She is a Teacher by profession and in Abu Dhabi she works as a Training Officer of an Oil & Gas company. She is also the Editor-in-chief of her community magazine called CFFL-The Vineyard Magazine. #InMyHeartJMKaynesBlog is her personal space wherein...
10 Nov at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Belgian Expat Living in Korea South - Interview with Marie

Marie is the blogger behind Be Marie Korea. She is 24 years old, living in the capital of Korea. Now she is working as a freelance designer and writer. Marie's expat blog is called Be Marie Korea (see listing here) Busan Cultural VillageHere's the interview with Marie... Where are you originally from? I am originally from a small city in...
25 Oct at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Austrian Expat Living in Jordan - Interview with Sabrina

My name is Sabrina, I’m 31 years old from Austria. Before I came to Jordan, I spent about five years as a project manager for a Viennese advertising and event agency. Quite interesting and challenging, but I always felt that there is more to explore. At the moment I am progressing a diploma distance study on marketing & event management....
8 Sep at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Indian Expat Living in Australia - Interview with Harsh

Harsh is an Indian expat living in Australia. He is founder of Aussian - a unique blog that provides useful tips and information on moving to Australia. Based on his experience, he knew that it's a huge lifestyle change and people are fraught with so many questions when moving to a new country. Aussian aims to help them by providing...
25 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in New Zealand - Interview with Josie

Josie is from York in the UK and moved to Wellington New Zealand in July of 2016 after living in London for 3 years. Her blog Lost in Silver Fern shares expat experiences as well as tips and advice for what to see and do in Wellington and New Zealand as a whole. Josie's expat blog is called Lost in Silver Fern (see listing here) Josie at...
23 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with Jay

Jay Murphy is a 54 year old retiree from the USA who retired 3 years ago from the US government (both as a civilian and in the military) having worked as an IT manager for 30 years. Having spent many years living and working in overseas locations, living overseas in Europe was a pretty easy decision for him made that much easier after the...
9 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Spain - Interview with Kate

People say don’t fall in love when you go abroad because you won’t come back...and based on my experience, they’re totally right. After graduating from college with a communications degree I headed to Spain for a teaching exchange program. The plan was to learn some Spanish, do a bit of traveling, enjoy the famous fiestas of...
7 Aug at 10 AMFeatured Expat Interview

South African Expat Living in South Korea - Interview with Monique and Chris

Monique and Chris are two newly married adventurers, currently living and working in rural South Korea. Having grown up in South Africa, they are both adrenaline junkies, enjoying skydiving, scuba diving, and general craziness. They met when studying Theatre, and have gone on to work together in the theatre industry, most recently...
3 Aug at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Irish Expat Living in Bahamas - Interview with Catherine

Originally from Northern Ireland, Catherine always wanted to wander. She tried out a few places before settling down in the Caribbean where she makes her living as a writer and blogs on the side to share travelling tips, an insight into the tropical expat life and the unique struggle of never being able to find a decent Guinness....
19 Jul at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Scotland - Interview with Ashley

Ashley is originally from Florida, but made Washington, DC her home. She moved to Scotland two years ago, due to a thing called love, and started Cheers Blondie to share her adventures and unique outlook on living and working abroad. Ashley's expat blog is called Cheers Blondie (see listing here) On my Scottish Hen DoHere's the interview...
19 Jun at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Canadian Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with Grace

Grace is a two-time expat, having first moved from Canada to the US as a university student, then subsequently moving to Ireland in 2016. She lives and breathes expat issues, as her profession happens to be in US expat tax and global mobility consulting. She loves to travel and is attempting to take full advantage of having Ireland as home...
4 Jun at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Polish Expat Living in India - Interview with Renata

Renata Cieślak. A woman, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a mother, a friend – the one a lot like you! I am one of you. I share stories of life in India, love and happy expat motherhood, trying to find a balance between two cultures and two different continents. Renata's expat blog is called No Problem in India (see listing here) Renata...
29 May at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

American Expat Living in Singapore - Interview with Jennifer

Jennifer is an American embracing the expat life in Singapore. She enjoys travel, cooking, running and raising her two children. Jennifer's expat blog is called Blooming Expats (see listing here) This is the beach at Rawa Island Resort, a mere 3 hours away from Singapore.Here's the interview with Jennifer... Where are you originally...
17 May at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in Germany - Interview with Paul

Paul is from a large town in the UK called Swindon. At more than one point, he told himself he would probably never live in another town or city in his life-time because Swindon had everything he needed.... How wrong he was. In 2014 Paul met a German girlfriend and since then has moved with her to live in 3 different cities; Amsterdam,...
5 May at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

Australian Expat Living in Fiji - Interview with Somer

Somer is an Aussie expat living in Fiji, and founder of the website Me and Fiji, which is an information source for families looking to relocate to the island nation. She has lived in Fiji for many years with her family including her two Daughters and Husband. When she is not in Fiji, she calls the Gold Coast in Australia's Queensland...
12 Apr at 9 AMFeatured Expat Interview

British Expat Living in Germany - Interview with James

10 years ago, James swapped England’s postindustrial West Midlands for the beautiful German city of Wiesbaden. Some old habits die hard. Nutella and coffee will never replace a Sunday morning cup of tea and bacon sandwich. His local adopted Bundesliga team are FSV Mainz 05 because they play in red and white, so it was kind of destiny. He...
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