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15 Sep at 7 PM

Speaking the Greek Language as a British Expat in Cyprus

It has taken me longer than anticipated to get on down with writing for the Local Expert Series here on Expats Blog. Finally I made it and I thought the best place to start was with language. I moved to Nicosia, Cyprus in October 2010. I started working in January 2011 and the rest is history so to speak. Over the nearly three years I...
16 May at 9 AM

American Expat in Cyprus - Interviewing Fashionista

“Fashionista,” married to a history and classics professor, never knew that being a professor’s wife could lead to a life of adventure, especially a life of abroad for the entire family. When her husband, then graduate student boyfriend, made a trip over ten years ago to the island of Cyprus for week long visit, who knew that it would...
29 Apr at 9 AM

British Expat Living in Cyprus - Interview With Mimi

Mimi is a London girl who swapped roast dinners and rain for Mediterranean culture and beach days. With youth unemployment in London spiraling out of control, it was as good a time as any to try expat life in Cyprus. With three suitcases and some savings she jumped head first into life on the sunnier side of Europe. And after two years she is...
10 Dec at 9 AM

British Expats in Cyprus - Interview with Robert & Amanda

Robert and Amanda were living and working in Cardiff, UK, they were both working long hours with little time for a social life. They discussed moving to Cyprus on several occasions as they were looking for a slower paced and less stressful life. The thought of living in a warmer climate was another enticing factor. So in 2006 after making...
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