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23 Aug at 9 AM

Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with Jay

Jay Murphy is a 54 year old retiree from the USA who retired 3 years ago from the US government (both as a civilian and in the military) having worked as an IT manager for 30 years. Having spent many years living and working in overseas locations, living overseas in Europe was a pretty easy decision for him made that much easier after the...
19 Jun at 9 AM

Canadian Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with Grace

Grace is a two-time expat, having first moved from Canada to the US as a university student, then subsequently moving to Ireland in 2016. She lives and breathes expat issues, as her profession happens to be in US expat tax and global mobility consulting. She loves to travel and is attempting to take full advantage of having Ireland as home...
23 May at 9 AM

South African Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with AJ aka Vossie

They arrived in Ireland on a very cold, blustery day in Jan 2001. The sleet froze their brains; some say his never thawed. They came for five years but remained. The roots are now too deep to return home yet he still feels like an expat. As outdoor folk coming from the warmer South African climate it took time to adjust. Life goes on, they...
14 Mar at 9 AM

Latvian Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with Aiva and Valters

Aiva and Valters is a Latvian couple living in Ireland for the past 15 years. They spend most weekends on Ireland's West Coast surfing Wild Atlantic waves and climbing Ireland's highest peaks. While not on the road their free time is dedicated to reading, yoga, experimenting with vegetarian recipes and working on travel itineraries. Our...
2 Apr at 9 AM

Italian Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with Aurora

She left Italy many years ago, looking for a new adventure! The adventure in Ireland turned out to be a little bit different from her initial dreams. But somehow, she still pursues them, by keeping the wheel turning! Aurora's expat blog is called love isn't for everyone (see listing here) Me and AsiaHere's the interview with...
19 Dec at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with Colleen

Colleen just realized that this past Thanksgiving was her 11th one spent outside the United States. She has been living in Ireland since 2005. She married a Kerryman in 2007, has two children and currently lives on the Dingle Peninsula. Her family plan to move back to Maine in 2015 and are excited and nervous about a new adventure....
21 Jul at 10 AM

American Expat Living in Ireland - Interview with Bill and Shari Burke

Shari is an anthropologist and essayist who is interested in the intersection of culture and everyday life in her observations and writing. She also creates things with yarn. Bill is an anthropologist and a photographer with a keen eye who notices things most other people overlook. He also enjoys walking and hiking. Bill and Shari Burke's...
9 Dec at 9 AM

Italian Expat Living in Ireland, Interview with Marta

Marta is Italian but left home 10 years ago. In 2003 she moved to Brussels, where she met amazing friends and then the Irish man who became her husband: she loved the feeling of being an expat and when work allowed, they both moved to Dublin, where they are currently living and where they are raising their 2 kids. Marta is a study abroad...
26 Aug at 1 PM

British Expat living in Dublin, Expat Interview with Jette

Jette is a food stylist and private chef and has been in Ireland since January. Currently in Dublin working on cookbooks with celebrity chefs she has more recently lived in warmer climes, Mexico for the last 5 years. She loves travelling and gets itchy feet after 3 years in one place! Jette's expat blog is called Wood and Chocolate (see...
20 Apr at 9 AM

South African Expats in Dublin - Meet Derrick & Rose

Derrick & Rose Left South Africa in 2001 on a working holiday, a 5 year plan to travel as much as possible, make lots of money and return to South African, get out of the IT world and open a Game Reserve. John Lennon once said – “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” And sure enough in 2003, Emily was born...
30 Jan at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Global Nomads Michael & Karin

Over 15 years ago Michael & Karin Shepherd sold their home and real estate business near Portland, Oregon, said good bye to family, friends, Rotary Club and all those community connections and flew off to the remote village of Ballydehob, West Cork, Ireland--with a nearly full shipping container to follow. About five years later property...
27 Nov at 1 PM

Swedish Expat Living in Ireland - Interview With Sofia

Sofia moved to Dublin, Ireland 6 years ago when she was in her early twenties. She moved because her boyfriend, at the time, was Irish, and she was up for an adventure. When they broke up two years later she didn’t even consider moving back to Sweden as she had a job she was happy with and had made great friends. Six years on, Sofia is in...
6 Nov at 7 PM

French Expat In Ireland - Expat Interview With Ketty

Ketty Elisabeth is a French expat who moved to Dublin in 2004 to live the Celtic Tiger dream. After her studies in Tourism she settled in Ireland where she met her Irish other half, 4 weeks after she arrived. Ketty works in the tourism industry and have travelled extensively to over 40 countries in the world. Dublin has loads to offer and she...
3 Nov at 11 AM

Polish Expat In Ireland - Expat Interview With Agnieszka

Agnieszka Stasiewska just moved to Galway, to begin a whole new life in Ireland. After spending 2 great years in Barcelona (before that 10 months in Bucharest, before that starting a Polish-Portuguese relationship in Warsaw), she decided that she had enough of sun and tapas, and wanted some change (well, the real reason for move was...
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