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15 Sep at 7 PM

Speaking the Greek Language as a British Expat in Cyprus

It has taken me longer than anticipated to get on down with writing for the Local Expert Series here on Expats Blog. Finally I made it and I thought the best place to start was with language. I moved to Nicosia, Cyprus in October 2010. I started working in January 2011 and the rest is history so to speak. Over the nearly three years I...
8 Apr at 11 AM

To Learn, or not to Learn, the Local Language

Local Expert Series: Learning local language by Julie Callahan When I moved to Slovakia, I made a decision not to learn the language. Of course I mastered those phrases you use in everyday life: ordering a glass of wine; wishing a friend “good day”; asking for the bill. The communication value was limited, but people appreciated my...
26 Feb at 11 AM

Speaking the Language in Dominican Republic - Expat Help

Local Expert Series: Learning the lingo by Lindsay de Feliz The Dominican Republic was discovered by Christopher Columbus and the language spoken in the country is Spanish. Only Spanish, apart from between one and two million Haitians who have come across the border from Haiti who tend to speak Creole, which has its roots in French. Some...
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