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9 Feb at 9 AM

Lebanese Expat Living in Thailand - Interview with Ghada

Ghada Karam is a first-time mom who lives in Bangkok with her husband and her two-year old daughter. She enjoys gossiping about being a mom and about her daughter’s tantrums. She thinks tantrums are great. They spice-up her day. You can follow her latest news on Confidential Mommy Talks. Ghada's expat blog is called Confidential Mommy Talks...
5 Mar at 9 AM

Canadian Expat Living in Thailand - Interview with Paul

Paul has dual Canadian/British nationality and has lived in Southeast Asia for the past 27 years. He currently lives in Thailand. Paul's career has been a mix of Information Technology and Motorsport Management. Paul's expat blog is called twitterings @ (see listing here) A typical Thai Riviera beach.Here's the interview with...
9 Jul at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Thailand - Interview with Austin Bentz

As you may have deduced from his blog title, Austin is a white guy. He's originally from California, but beyond than that, he is a traveler, eager to see all corners of the globe, curious to see how the rest of the world lives. Change can be both exciting and terrifying. But like his grandfather once told him, “Nobody grows within their...
1 Jul at 9 AM

Peruvian Expat Living in Thailand - Interview with Orana

Orana is Peruvian because one of her passports says so. But really she's just an artist trying to raise her kids right. Traveling and giving them experiences that her hometown neighborhood just didn't provide. She used to work as a Makeup Artist and is now searching for a different, more kid friendly way to do art. The search is on, and it's...
2 Apr at 9 AM

Canadian Expat Living in Thailand - Interview with Steve

Steve LePoidevin was born into a totally English family in French Quebec and inherited an elegant French name that dates back over 500 years to a small town in France. He believes this is the explanation for his global psyche! Following a math/chemistry teaching career that spanned three countries (Canada, Scotland and China) and almost...
21 Nov at 6 PM

British Expats in Thailand, Interview with Sacha, Jmayel & Eden

A Man, Woman and Dog traveling Thailand in a classic 41 year old Ford Escort Mk1. Creating cinematic travel videos about their experiences. Sacha Jmayel & Eden left the UK to digitally capture the world in their own unique style... Sacha's expat blog is called 8 Miles From Home (see listing here) Meet Sacha, Jmayel & Eden - British expats...
15 Oct at 9 AM

British Expat Living in Thailand, Interview With James

James , born 1942 in Bristol, England, has travelled to 20 countries. He emigrated to South Africa in 1995 as a freelance consultant and researcher, travelling South Africa's provinces, townships and rural areas, gaining insight into the culture and lives of the people. Early in the 1990's James helped organise stars Stevie Wonder, Tina...
4 Jul at 3 PM

US Expat Living in Thailand - Interview With Jessica

With a slight case of insanity and spirit of adventure, Jessica left her life in NYC to live as an expat in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Besides being often confused for a Thai, this Asian-American gets to experience a unique side of Thailand with her job in an NGO focused on indigenous and hill tribe child rights. Her adventures have taken her...
11 Jun at 9 AM

Hawaiian Expat in Thailand - Expat Interview With Lani

Thailand is more than a tourist destination, a retirement outpost and hackneyed travel blog; it’s where Lani’s mother was born, her parents met and where her father died. It's a place that has changed her life at 6, 16 and 33 years of age. So she moved to Chiang Mai in June 2009, in search of some unknown quality that she felt missing,...
30 Apr at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Alana - US Expat Living in Thailand

Alana is a twenty-something traveler trying to figure out life one place at a time. Originally from Seattle, she’s been living, teaching, writing and traveling in Thailand and Southeast Asia for the past two years with no plans to ‘settle down’ anytime soon. Check out more of her stories, photos and experiences of what it’s like to...
27 Oct at 2 PM

Expat Interview With Kathy - US Expat In Thailand

On New Year’s Day 2012, Kathy Drouin-Keith and her family left their suburban New York life for Bangkok after her husband was offered a job there. Leon works as a journalist and Joe, 7, is in an international school. Kathy runs the household and writes about life in Thailand. They’ve gotten used to the giant monitor lizards that live...
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