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29 Apr at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Hong Kong - Interview with Sharon

Sharon began her career as a financial writer in the banking industry, explaining complex subjects in plain English. She has written and taken photographs for many magazines and had a column in her local newspaper. She is now living in Hong Kong and trying to take in all it has to offer. An avid photographer, Sharon loves wandering with...
19 Feb at 9 AM

Danish Expat Living in Hong Kong - Interview with Camilla

Camilla is a 24-year-old Danish girl, who has just returned from a semester of interning abroad in Hong Kong. Before that she spent one semester studying in the US at a small liberal arts college in Arkansas. On her blog Cammi.dk, Camilla shares her experiences while travelling, her obsession with beauty, along with more personal posts, which...
11 Jul at 9 AM

Scottish Expat Living in Hong Kong - Interview with Joanna

Joanna is a Hong Kong blogger from Scotland. When she first moved to Hong Kong, she struggled to find lots of up-to-date information about the city online, so decided to start her own blog. Joanna works in digital marketing for a large media agency in Hong Kong - a career that has taken her to Berlin, Edinburgh and now Hong Kong. Joanna's...
4 Sep at 9 AM

French Expat Living in Hong Kong - Interview with Saz

Saz is in her mid twenties and is a mix of three different cultures all in one person. She has lived in three different countries and likes to think that this has made her very adaptable person. But being an expat, one can never be adaptable enough! She’s sarcastic like the British, she complains like the French and she eats like the...
5 Apr at 9 AM

British Expat Living in Hong Kong - Interview with Kate

Kate is a freelance English writer and editor and mum to a very active toddler! Originally from the UK, Kate moved to Hong Kong, then Shanghai, then back to Hong Kong. She blogs, tweets and Instagrams about her life in the Fragrant Harbour. Kate's expat blog is called accidentaltaitai (see listing here) The Hong Kong skyline never gets...
25 Nov at 11 AM

Scottish Expat Living in Hong Kong, Interview with Stewart

Stewart spent six months in Thailand when he was 21, and Asia got under his skin. Not literally, of course, although he has suffered more insect bites than was previously thought possible. He has since visited Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Vietnam, and Laos. Even when back in the UK he worked with Japanese people. He settled in...
23 Oct at 7 PM

Teaching English in Hong Kong, Expat Interview with Beth

Originally from Chicago, Beth got her first true taste of travel when she studied abroad in Japan during her final year of university. She ended up loving Asia so much, she found herself moving right back and is currently teaching English full-time in Hong Kong. Armed with her camera and a passion for travel, she is currently on a mission to...
23 Mar at 9 AM

English/Dutch Expat in Hong Kong - Interview With Laura

Laura Besley applied for a job in Paris. She was excited by the wine, the cheese, the bread, and was even prepared to do a little teaching there as well. Instead, she was sent to Duesseldorf in Germany, a city she\'d never heard of. However, it was the best decision of her life (that she didn't technically make herself). Her two years in...
25 Feb at 11 AM

Having a Baby in Hong Kong as an Expat

Local Expert Series: Having a baby in HK by Nicole Webb Almost three years ago this month my husband and I were in Positano, Italy having the time of our lives (single lives that is). I can still remember sitting in one of the world's most beautiful spots sipping crisp white wine, dining on fresh seafood overlooking a glorious blue...
16 Feb at 9 AM

From Seattle to the New Territories, Hong Kong - Expat Interview With Jennifer

Jennifer Brown is a cynical but civic-minded, former lawyer. She left America 7.5 years ago for what was originally meant to be a two year gig. Since then she has lived in the Netherlands, Mainland China, England and is now in Hong Kong. While she never attempted Dutch, she is an enthusiastic, but casual, student of Mandarin and now...
23 Jan at 9 AM

From Australia to Hong Kong - Expat Interview With Nicole

Nicole was a Journalist and News Reader with Sky News Australia for a decade before making the life changing decision to move to Hong Kong with her hotelier husband James. Swapping the news desk and microphone for a change table and nappy bag, Nicole has since become mum to hyped-up blondie Ava. It's a journey of reinvention, she says, as she...
15 Nov at 9 AM

American Expat In Hong Kong - Interview With Brittany Hite

As a journalist, Brittany Hite was naturally curious about the world. After graduating from college, she worked her way to New York from the Midwest. But spending a few years in New York only made her more curious about the rest of the world, so she started applying for new jobs and landed one in Beijing. After spending a year there working...
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