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3 Sep at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Switzerland - Interview with Margaret

Margaret is an American who fell in love with a Peruvian man and ended up following him to Zurich, Switzerland, where she now does her best to make a home. Her background is in research science, but in Switzerland she now spends her time teaching English, crafting, writing, and baking. Margaret's expat blog is called Destination: Macaron (see...
3 Jun at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Switzerland - Interview with Melinda

After realizing that maybe she missed out on living abroad while in college, Melinda and her husband Robert, vowed that if ever the opportunity arose to live in a country other than their own, the answer would most definitely have to be YES! Seven years later, now the mother of two incredible children, Melinda spends her time volunteering...
11 Mar at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Switzerland - Interview with Doug

I'm an American pastor, author of several books, a popular blogger in the U.S, a runner, a husband, a father of two daughters, and as of October a grandfather.I write about faith, life, culture, and more. In January 2014 I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime and moved to Zurich, Switzerland. Doug's expat blog is called Doug's Blog -...
12 Feb at 9 AM

How to move to Switzerland with 30 Days Notice

Local Expert Series: How to move to Switzerland by Tatiana Warkentin On June 29, 2011, we renewed our car insurance and our lease for another year and I signed up for an after-degree program. At six AM the next day, my husband came bounding into our bedroom with news. We were moving to Switzerland. Whoa! They wanted us there in 30 days....
31 Jan at 11 AM

Meet Tatiana - Canadian Expat in Bern, Swizerland

Tatiana Warkentin moved to Bern, Switzerland from Winnipeg Manitoba when her husband accepted a job he had applied for when he was having a bad day at work. She put her career as a fundraising professional on hold to follow her husband to Switzerland in the summer of 2011. He works, she writes. She blogs about everything from the lack of...
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