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3 Mar at 9 AM

Dutch Expat Living in Norway - Interview with Inge

Since moving to Trondheim, Norway, Inge is absolutely smitten with Norwegian culture. Or maybe she already was... But now it has found its way onto her blog as well. Inge's expat blog is called Pure Cottongrass (see listing here) One of the lovely streets of Bakklandet.Here's the interview with Inge... Where are you originally from? From...
25 Jan at 11 AM

USA to Norway - Expat Interview With Evelyn

Evelyn met her husband out of a curiosity of Europe as an international pen pal. When this pen pal relationship blossomed into a friendship, then into romance leading to her and her husband making visits to one another’s countries, the decision to leave rural Kentucky and move to suburban and coastal Norway was made. She brought her...
9 Nov at 1 PM

US Expat In Norway - Expat Interview With Saleha

Saleha Mohsin is a reporter and blogger who first moved from Ohio to London in 2008 and then on to Oslo, Norway, last year. After nearly five years outside of the US she’s found out that despite her ambivalence toward American football, she's a Yankee to the core. In September she launched an expat blog called "Edge of the Arctic" (see...
2 Nov at 1 PM

Expat Interview With Jay - Canadian Expat In Norway

Jay, a former teacher, left Canada in 2010 with her husband for an adventurous life overseas. They spent 2 years in Port Gentil, Gabon on the West coast of Africa before moving to Stavanger, Norway. Jay's blog, From There To Here (see listing here) , is where she chronicles her experiences as an expat from settling in to a new home to...
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