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16 Oct at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Mexico - Interview with Tina

Tina lives abroad in Southern Mexico with her husband and four kids. They moved to Mexico in October 2013 and don't regret it. They love Mexico, the culture, the people, and especially the food! Tina spends most of her time homeschooling, blogging, traveling, and in her Bible ministry with her family. Tina's expat blog is called Los Gringos...
20 May at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Mexico - Interview with Shannon

Shannon is a retired expat librarian and archivist living and blogging from a terrace apartment in Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico. Her home is filled with light, color, and open windows and doors. She loves people and gardens, music and art, mountains and oceans, and books and travel. Her love of travel began with a trip to England when she...
27 Mar at 9 AM

American Expat Living in Mexico - Interview with Casey

Casey Cline is a freelance editor and travel writer whose wanderlust was sparked by an Army brat childhood spent in far-flung locales. She recently moved from Denver, Colorado to Todos Santos, Mexico with her hilarious husband Jim and their two dogs, Otis and Miles. She documents her travel and expat adventures at, and...
7 Jan at 5 PM

US Expat Living in Mexico, Interview with Jen

Jen is an international teacher currently living in a small fishing village along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. She spends most of her free time attempting to get her 'toes to the nose' of her surfboard and imagining what life would be like if she stayed in one place for longer than three and a half years. Jen is enjoying each revolution...
12 Aug at 3 PM

Interview With Rebecca, US Expat Freelance Writer Living in Puebla, Mexico

Rebecca Smith Hurd is a freelance writer and editor who moved from San Francisco, California, to Puebla, Mexico, in August 2007 to study Spanish. Within a few months, she'd fallen in love with the place and decided to stay. Since then, she’s taken in as many sights, sounds, tastes, and cultural experiences as possible, from eating fried...
1 Aug at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Rose, First Generation Croatian-American in Mexico

howdoyousaytacoinspanish is a blog by Rose Boras, a former expat who lived in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. She (not so) secretly hopes to return one day soon! Ms. Boras became an expat because her love for coffee and a thesis on Fair Trade collided with a study abroad class in Chiapas, Mexico on sustainable growth. It was love at first sight...
16 Jun at 10 AM

Moving to Mexico and Making Friends

The older I become, the more difficult I find it to meet new people. I'm a little terrified of strangers even though I know that strangers are friends you just haven't met yet. Moving to Mexico and making friends was challenging for me. In the past, I worked outside of the home. Having a job gave me instant access to an assortment of...
7 May at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Solomon - US Citizen Living & Working in Mexico

Solomon Freimuth is an American citizen with a Mexican law degree who works and lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. After hitch-hiking through Mexico with his Black Lab, working as a construction manager in an ecological village in Southern Mexico and finally deciding that he couldn’t sell time-share because he had too many tattoos, Solomon...
26 Apr at 9 AM

US Expat Living in Mexico City - Interview With Kim

Kim has moved 11 times in 13 years of marriage. A professional at packing, unpacking and reviewing a moving manifest, her move to Mexico City marks her family’s first international assignment. Currently on sabbatical from her job in the States, Kim has taken up blogging, boxing and volunteering. Curious by nature, she has been working...
20 Nov at 9 AM

American Expat In Mexico - Interview With Jessica

Jessica Seba was born and raised in Michigan, but ever since she can remember, Mexico was where she felt she belonged. After finishing up a degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management in the US, she immediately headed to Mexico to start her new life. Jessica has lived in Puebla, Puerto Vallarta, and currently, Mexico City. She hopes...
9 Oct at 9 AM

Expat Interview With Susannah - British Expat In Mexico

Susannah was born and raised in London, England. Before she had even set foot on Mexican soil, she was deeply in love with the country. Learning about the Aztecs at age 10, she decided that she needed to visit their homeland and it felt like her home as soon as she arrived. Susannah lives in Oaxaca in Southern Mexico and travels back and...
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