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28 Feb at 11 AM

Cost of Living in Panama - City of David by Expat Kris

Local Expert Series: Cost of living in Panama by Kris The cost of living is naturally a big concern for anyone considering a move to another country. No one wants to move and discover that expenses are more than anticipated, and money is a problem. Now that we have lived here a few months I thought I'd share how it is going for us so...
18 Feb at 11 AM

Cost of Living in Dominican Republic - Expat Comparison

Local Expert Series: Cost of living Dominican Republic by Lindsay de Feliz Many people think that living in the Dominican Republic will be significantly cheaper than living in the UK, Europe or North America, given the fact that it is a third world country. However, although on the whole it is cheaper, there is a large variation in the...
6 Feb at 11 AM

Cost of Living in Bratislava, Slovakia

Local Expert Series: The Cost of Living in Slovakia by Julie Callahan The best indication of the potential cost of living in a country is the average wage. The average worker in Slovakia earns slightly more than 800 euro per month, a third the salary of the average Austrian worker. Slovak pensioners earn less than half that amount -...
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