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3 Oct at 10 AM

American Expat Living in Argentina - Interview with Stephanie

Stephanie is a U.S. expat who found her heart in Argentina. She is a lover of life, a mother and wife, and the founder of Spanish in Rosario, a Spanish language school located in her current city, Rosario, Argentina. Stephanie's expat blog is called Expatriates in Rosario (see listing here) Me at the entrance of Spanish in Rosario.Here's the...
30 Mar at 9 AM

French Expat in Argentina - Interview With Sabine

Sabine A long-term expat and successful blogger, Sabine left France when she was barely 20 to live in the UK then Germany, Spain and now Argentina. A passionate fundraiser, she created her own portable marketing job after moving to Rosario in Argentina. Argentina wasn’t not really part of the plan but love made her move to South America and...
30 Nov at 1 PM

US Expats In Buenos Aires - Expat Interview With Amber

Amber and Sandro decided it was time to stop talking about traveling and start doing it. They spent a year in their hometown, Philadelphia, PA, researching a move to Buenos Aires, saving money, selling off all their stuff, and practicing Spanish. They landed in Argentina in October 2012 and haven't looked back. They spend their time swapping...
28 Nov at 1 PM

New York to Buenos Aires - Expat Interview With Candice

Candice along with her husband and the family dog, decided that visiting other countries/cultures was great but living in them is better. So after a short visit, a short time spent deciding if they were crazy or could this actually be doable, they packed up their belongings, dog toys and all and moved to Buenos Aires. Where they live in a 100...
15 Nov at 11 AM

Canadian Expat in Buenos Aires - Interview With Angelina

Angelina Khoo never imagined that stepping into a Latin dance cafe with $10 in hand to pay for a lesson in Argentine tango would result in a brush with buenos aires. But Buenos Aires called her name and in sept 2009 she set foot on Argentine soil for the very first time on a 6 mth cultural exchange program to teach english. However the...
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