Renovating Italy

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Renovating Italy
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Ingrid Christensen
17:30 PM December 04, 2013

I love Lisa and the rest of the Chiodo family - great to see their adventures in Italy as expats :)

17:35 PM December 04, 2013

A blog filled with fun, struggle, Italy and love..this blog is the one to read!

Amanda Stroud
17:43 PM December 04, 2013

An entertaining insight into the steps to a wonderful lifestyle....

17:47 PM December 04, 2013

love this blog and the work in progress, thanks lisa

Jenny Power
18:44 PM December 04, 2013

An inspirational blog detailing one family's adventures renovating a rustic Italian villa.

Val Smith
19:52 PM December 04, 2013

What a truly inspirational family. To have the vision to follow their dream and renovate an old house in Italy. Reading this blog is the highlight of my day.

20:04 PM December 04, 2013

This is a family that have a dream, taken in both hands and made it happen. They share the tribulations , fun and insight of starting a life there in Italy a must read for all

Duane Mortensen
20:10 PM December 04, 2013

As a fellow restoration artist I love this site. Lisa, Sam Carina and Luca brighten my every day. Thank you so much for being there.

Meredith Mancini
20:14 PM December 04, 2013

I love your blog because I get to live my dream through yours. I even have my husband interested now. I don't know how you find the time but so glad that you do Lisa :))

Evelyn Escalona
20:19 PM December 04, 2013

This blog is full of life, interesting characters, manner of life in another country. Everything Lisa writes is interesting and she describes life to the fullest in Italy. You can tell she enjoys her life here because she just bubbles joy

Sarah Hudson
20:20 PM December 04, 2013

One of the highlights of my day! Lisa lets us all live her life vicariously with anecdotes, photos and videos of her renovations, her family and her life. She provides us with the travel experience we all long to have! Love it.

Connie Montagner
20:41 PM December 04, 2013

It's wonderful sharing the Chiodo's journey inspiring REALY

Deborah Rusconi
21:15 PM December 04, 2013

As past renovators ourselves of a new home in Italy, we are once again living vicariously through Lisa Chiodo and her beautifully written blog! She articulates perfectly the ups and downs associated not only with renovating an old house, but also her family's attempts to assimilate into the daily life of her adopted country - not always an easy thing to do! We, along with countless other followers, wish her much success and we always eagerly await her latest postings!

Kaye Bonato
21:59 PM December 04, 2013

I've been following this blog for over a year now and I love much. It's full of interesting snippets of life in Italy and the enjoyment of restoring a home.

Corrina Tough
00:31 AM December 05, 2013

Have been following for about a year- to sum it up? INSPIRATIONAL!!!! xx Corrina Tough

00:41 AM December 05, 2013

excellent website , great concept, very considerate , extremely well thought out and implemented.

Charmain Giuliani
03:25 AM December 05, 2013

really livin'

06:41 AM December 05, 2013

Inspiration, courage & passionate commitment sum up the Chiodo family. In sharing her love of husband, children and their dream, Lisa allows me to live vicariously through her blog. Her sincere joy of life and adventure are contagious. Grazie Bellisima Lisa sempre nel mio cuore xxx

07:23 AM December 05, 2013

Dare to dream.......Lisa and her family make me dream. Their struggle in the Piemonte mountains make me smile and makes me look "oltre il cielo".

Debbie Rein
08:27 AM December 05, 2013

I enjoy Lisa's blog immensely. Her accounts of life for the everyday person in Italy are enthralling to say the least. The way she shares the renovating journey provides so much information for those of us, who have never had the opportunity to travel there. Thanks so much Lisa.

08:29 AM December 05, 2013

Great blog, amazing photos. Love it.

Korrine Miller
08:38 AM December 05, 2013

Lisa has a way of writing that really connects readers to her life in Italy. I have followed her blog since she started and I am always drawn to reading her posts and viewing the beautiful photographs she posts. It makes me feel like packing up and moving to Italy! Lisa makes such an amazing effort to respond to her readers and her dedication to sharing her story endears her to many .

08:43 AM December 05, 2013

Really enjoy keeping up with the progress of Lisa and her family and love Lisa and Carina's photographs, they capture the essence of their lives.

08:56 AM December 05, 2013

I always look forward to reading the latest updates on the Chiodo family's incredible adventure. I love the little insights into their daily life, the difficulties and the joy. It's a wonderful read.

Jackie Stenhouse
09:04 AM December 05, 2013

Love the way Lisa writes. She makes you feel like you are there with her family experiencing the wonderful Italian life

Diana Sturm
09:50 AM December 05, 2013

I enjoy reading Lisa's blog with its beautifully crafted words and images and feel as though I am along for part of the adventure. I also enjoy Lisa's honesty as she takes us through the highlights, as well as the trials and tribulations, of such a major move and renovation.

Elizabeth Heath
10:20 AM December 05, 2013

Lisa does such a great job of sharing the beauty, chaos and occasional heartache of being an expat family in Italy, and one undergoing a major home (and life) renovation at that. Her photos are beautiful, and her posts are always a pleasure to read. Brava!

Joanna Hamil
10:21 AM December 05, 2013

Takes guts to do this!!!

Melissa Walker Horn
10:24 AM December 05, 2013

LOVE the Renovating Italy team! I love that it's a family blog, so beautifully written and with gorgeous images. Some days it almost feels like I'm there. Almost. ;)

10:41 AM December 05, 2013

I love reading Lisa's blog and hearing about life in Italy. Lisa makes her readers feel like part of the family - sharing their trials and magic moments with us all.

Moira Leech
11:04 AM December 05, 2013

PLove sharing the adventure that Lisa takes us on with her wonderful family and renovating an old property in Italy, what is there not to like about Renovating Italy??

Lou Mclaine
11:05 AM December 05, 2013

Enjoying this fabulous blog about the daily lives of Lisa, Sam and children as expats in Italy renovating their house.

11:21 AM December 05, 2013

Love this blog as Lisa and her beautiful family are living my dream! The simple life of family and community is so under appreciated by so many in this day and age. Lisa and Sam embrace the sense of family and community and it makes me want to be there all the more. xx. The pictures and the updates are awesome and always put a smile on my face. As I read the blog l feel the stress of the day leaving my body as I imagine myself in a beautiful rustic village in italy! Thx .....

11:55 AM December 05, 2013

superb interesting blog about renovating a house in italy. very upbeat and appealing and regularly and lovingly maintained.

12:10 PM December 05, 2013

I love logging on and being taken on an adventure,seeing the kids grow and the family always smiling no matter what gets thrown at them Love you all xoxoxo

Marj Drury
13:05 PM December 05, 2013

So glad I will have your blog to follow when I am home back in Canada. I am very eager to see what you do with that wonderful home in the borgata.

16:00 PM December 05, 2013

I have been following Lisa and her adventures with her wonderful family and love to see the next instalment pop up in my email! Courageous, funny & fun, wacky at times, heartbreaking at others, this adventure, come to life through Lisa's terrific writing, is one that will go on and on! Brava Lisa, Bravi Sam et al!

Rochelle Del Borrello
16:25 PM December 05, 2013

Beautiful blog from Italy with love!!

23:14 PM December 05, 2013

Lisa and her family have taken the Italian dream to a different level. I love what they have set out to do and are DOING! And Lisa's insight is very uplifting...always positive. The Chiodo family is top on my list!

07:08 AM December 06, 2013

Great blog about a wonderful family on an inspiring adventure in Italy.

18:04 PM December 06, 2013

The honesty of your writing is very refreshing Lisa. Being a fellow Antipodean renovator in Italy I enjoy your posts, and envy your support team (not to mention your firewood supply!) Good luck with all you set out to do, and if you want a house swap one summer let me know :-)

Lyn Secombe
19:57 PM December 06, 2013

Love this !!! Always a pleasure to read and partake.....Lisa has a wonderful way with words

21:10 PM December 06, 2013

I simply adore this blog of hers. Love the photos, videos and blog entries of the daily life of Lisa and her family!! Something I look forward to read every day :)

21:14 PM December 06, 2013

I absolutely love this blog. Lisa is a treasure of a woman, kind, honest, real, open, and utterly inspiring. I love seeing her family stretch and grow and face massive challenges as they build this amazing life. She gives hope to all of us with dreams of our own.

21:34 PM December 06, 2013

I love Lisa's blog and their story of moving from Australia to Italy and then renovating their home. Not just these points actually , all that she shares about their lives and surroundings, think it is wonderful.

21:35 PM December 06, 2013

An inspiring blog allowing us to believe anything is possible if you set your heart to it. Dreaming, that this will be us one day, we love reading about the Chiodo's adventures.

Julie Rhodes
21:41 PM December 06, 2013

A wonderful insight into the daily life of Lisa and her family as they make their new life in Italy - the highs and the lows! Very inspirational for anyone that might be thinking of going down a similar path, quite possibly could be the 'nudge' they need if they are having any doubts. Well done Lisa and your lovely family!!

21:44 PM December 06, 2013

I've been following Lisa's blog for over 1.5 years, living vicariously through her family's journey. She and her family are inspirational in their fortitude, hard work and pioneering spirit. I am also one of a privileged few who got to experience a small part of their story, as I was able to visit them last month. Seeing the blog come to life, the authenticity of the photos, their story, their lives, really brought it all home for me. I look forward to following this blog for years to come!

21:45 PM December 06, 2013

Fantastic blog, always full of interesting stories and beautiful photos. I feel like I know the Chiodo's personally. Keep up the good work Lisa x

Doug Porter
22:17 PM December 06, 2013

Lisa & Sam have embraced this new life with a passion that is almost overwhelming. To read their day to day account of life in the borgatta is the next best thing to being there, Great blog, great people.

22:58 PM December 06, 2013

I love Lisa Chiodo's blog - I live in Italy vicariously through reading about their renovating adventures and wish so much I were there experiencing it first hand. Having built 2 houses myself here, I know what it can be like and yet, they have taken it to a higher level with a historical property and present it in a humble and loving way.

00:35 AM December 07, 2013

Love love Lisa's Renovating Italy blog, fabulous insight into the highs, lows and funny happenings of an Australian family moving into a small Italian village.

01:04 AM December 07, 2013

Love your blog !! I look forward to hearing about your adventure on a daily basis. As the say "you are living the dream" . Enjoy have a great Christmas .

01:29 AM December 07, 2013

I look forward everyday to reading Renovating Italy. Very inspirational, heartwarming, honest and hardworking family. I love Italy and this just adds a special touch ❤️

01:29 AM December 07, 2013

I adore Lisa's insightful blog into her life and renovations in italy.. Wonderful x

04:03 AM December 07, 2013

I absolutely love Lisa and her family and the story of their life. I often feel like I am right there with her, thru the struggles, thru the adventures, thru the treasures they find, thru the amazing life they are creating for themselves! One of my favs!!!!!

05:58 AM December 07, 2013

Every time I get frustrated and have a 'pity party' about something....I can always read Lisa's blog and there will be SOMETHING to which I can relate! Great writings!

06:01 AM December 07, 2013

Love to hear all the stories about the families adventures and experiences. Well written and enjoyable to read!

Ruth S
06:02 AM December 07, 2013

So glad that I got to visit this place with the blog I will be able to follow your journey ;)

Sandra Mangiagalli
06:25 AM December 07, 2013

I love following Lisa & sam as they make their dream a reality. It is not easy to follow a dream like this! Their progress is helping me to take a similar step in the not too distant future....but no renovating for us! It must be ready to move into.

Sherelle French
06:42 AM December 07, 2013

An excellent blog that feeds my addiction to italy.

Connie Chiodo
06:59 AM December 07, 2013

An inspirational blog of my family renovating Italy and all there hard work love it how you all are into it..xx

11:38 AM December 07, 2013

Love what your doing Lisa, Sam and family. You're courageous, funny, and determined. I enjoy reading your blog and love following your every day to day adventures. Just beautiful. My dream is to do what you both are doing. Maybe one day!! I love Italy my birth place!! Keep up the good work. Ciao! Brave!! xo

04:52 AM December 08, 2013

Loving your adventures. You are living the dream Lisa.

13:00 PM December 09, 2013

Love your blog Lisa! Almost addicted to it! Thank you for sharing the dream like life of your family. Your children are very lucky to have you and Sam as their parents. Well done and all the best!

Pecora Nera
06:34 AM December 11, 2013

A great blog about how to survive in Italy while renovating your dream house, a must read for anyone who want's to live the dolce vita.

M (
10:02 AM December 11, 2013

Fantastic blog and great resource for construction advice in rural Italy. We are huge fans!

11:48 AM December 13, 2013

Lisa's blog is an honest, courageous and inspirational account of a family living their dream in Italy - and how others can learn and follow their dreams too!

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