Torussia4love - My adventures in Moscow

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Torussia4love - My adventures in Moscow
My adventures in Moscow
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Nan Saretsky
18:45 PM October 11, 2012

Heather's Blog "Torussia4love" is definitely worthy of a gold. As soon as I get it, I can't wait to read about all of her adventures, experiences, and the good work she is doing there. Her blogs are a true learning experience. She is very articulate in her writing, and her words and pictures always tell a story. I feel as if I am right along beside her. I look forward to her blogs and oftentimes send them along to my friends so that they may share in her experiences and learn from her. There is no doubt in my mind, that this blog should take top spot!!!

19:40 PM October 11, 2012

This blog wonderfully captures the moving and meaningful experiences we've had in Russia over the past couple years. I'm honored to be featured in it!

20:02 PM October 11, 2012

Moscow was never a place on my destination list, but after reading about the adventures in and around Russia, I definitely would consider a trip. I have learned a lot about the history, culture, and food of Eastern Europe - quite the window into this world.

Susan Luskin
22:22 PM October 11, 2012

I have know Heather since she was 3 years old and have seen her blossom into a remarkable woman who brings the Russian/Jewish experience she is having to life for the rest of us She has given me incredible insights that I would not have dreamed of otherwise.

Meems Ellenberg
23:33 PM October 11, 2012

This blog, "Torussia4love" is my favorite of all the blogs I follow, and I follow a lot! Heather is a wonderful writer, very articulate and observant. The little details of navigating a different--and at times--confusing culture are well-chosen and very concise. Her sense of humor and good grace in managing to live in Mother Russia make this blog a stand out. Her photographs are wonderful, and always convey the sense of joy and excitement reflected in her writing. So often in traveling oneself, or in reading the accounts of other travellers, one cringes when the stereotype of the Ugly American rears its ugly head. Heather Jacobson is Peace Corps-like in her willingness to experience another culture rather than to judge it. I look forward eagerly to every post in "Torussia4love" and constantly share the blog with friends and acquaintances. I sincerely hope she wins the gold.....and that one day, she will recover from her distaste for onions. This is a true gem, and I heartily endorse the views of other reviewers in recommending this blog for the gold.

Barbara Dolinger
04:16 AM October 13, 2012

Heather does an amazing job with this blog, and most importantly, the volunteer work she does in Russia is terrific.... and her generosity and caring personality comes through in the her writing... so it isn't just the Blog, but the fact that she gives so much of herself to the less fortunante in another country. Five stars for the Blog, and a million stars for Heather!

Alice Reich
17:02 PM October 15, 2012

Heather shares her everyday life in Russia, as well as details from her travels around the area. She makes me feel that I am along with her on her journey and getting an insightful view of the area and its culture. As she spends more time in Moscow you see her activities in her present community grow. Having Russian roots myself,I especially enjoy her vivid descriptions and pictures of historical places that she and her husband explore. It's 5 stars for me!!!

06:52 AM October 16, 2012

Heather's blog is the one I most look forward to reading out here in Moscow. It is fantastic to hear her views and to have our experiences captured so vividly and with such imagination. She touches on the important but also on the funny side of being an expat in this country - she is honest, unbiased, intelligent and also sympathetic to the challenges faced in this country. I love Heather's blog - it should absolutely receive the top spot!

Marlene Zider
13:40 PM October 16, 2012

Heather's blog brings her personal insight and unique sense of humor to every experience she shares--and, through her blog, I get a taste of these experiences! It brings Russia to life for me in a way no history book or news article ever has. I always enjoy reading about her adventures through the stories she weaves around each of them. Sometimes serious and sometimes funny, each story is touching and educating.

Carrie Rocha
00:03 AM October 17, 2012

I love Heather's blog! Her wit, honesty, and detail bring to life all of her amazing adventures. I particularly enjoyed reading about her work at the Moscow hospital. Her kindness just emanates from her words. Fabulous blog that deserves the top spot!

Rose Ellen Jacobsohn
00:57 AM October 17, 2012

I've read all of Heather's blogs and after reading each one I've told Heather that I feel like I'm sharing the experience with her. She has made me laugh and weep and I have been so moved by her observations. Heather is my daughter-in-law and she has been in Russia with my son Michael for almost 2 years. Heather's blogs have made them feel so much closer and I thank Heather from the bottom of my heart for sharing their life together with me.

Linda Brenner
02:19 AM October 17, 2012

It's been a pleasure following Heather's blog "Torussia4love".Her blogs are an inspirational travelogue of her experiences in Russia.It's been a delight to read her reviews of restaurants, travel destinations and her experiences as she immerses herself into the Russian community. She should be recognised for the wonderful volunteer work she's done while living in Russia. I hope that she'll be rewarded with the top spot for her hard work. She's given me an insight into a country that I never thought I'd be interested in.Kudos to Heather for her captivating blogs.

07:30 AM October 20, 2012

I am always so happy to see a new post from Heather! Her blog is a perfect mix of information and entertainment. It is a great source for finding things to do here in Moscow. I often forward her posts to family and friends.

Jill Tatz
23:07 PM October 20, 2012

I love reading Heather's blog. It makes me feel sometimes like I am right there in Russia with her. I love to travel as well, but have not been fortunate enough yet to get to Russia. With all of Heather's writing, it is definitely a place I will put on my list. I especially like her Jewish spin on everything. It is a breath of fresh air to read what Heather writes about her journey!!

Judy Shapiro
17:24 PM December 03, 2012

Absolutely fascinating reading.......well written and very personal which makes the blog more meaningful. A remarkable achievement on the part of Heather.

17:26 PM December 03, 2012

Heather's blog is fantastic. She has the ability to bring life to her stories and journies, making them both entertaining and informative.

17:38 PM December 03, 2012

Heather's ToRussia4Love is a wonderful , well written read that brings her readers with her on her amazing experiences--always intriguing, clever and touching.

17:40 PM December 03, 2012

I love reading about Heather's adventures and always look forward to getting a new entry and catching up on life in Moscow. I especially love all the pictures and of course reviews about the food!

Elena Sudneko
17:53 PM December 03, 2012

I like Heather's blog "Torussia4love" very much. She is a very talented story-writer. When you start following her posts, you can't wait what's gonna be in the next one. Topics are always very different! Also, what I like about this blog is that it's not just the story of places or events. Heather always expresses her opinion and gives her recommendations, and when I read posts I feel that Heather cares about her readers a lot. Great job!!!

Maggie Ghidirim
17:57 PM December 03, 2012

It takes a very special person to move from NY to Moscow and Heather is definitely one very special adventurous person. She has taken the time to write about her experiences abroad and shared so much of herself with the world. Heather is always very optomistiic and her blog is informative and insightful. Wherever her next journey takes her I hope she will continue to write and share her great mind!

18:09 PM December 03, 2012

Heather's blog is better than any travel guide. She makes Russia and other European countries come to life. Her wonderful stories and excellent writing style are a real treat for the armchair traveler!

18:18 PM December 03, 2012

This blog provides an excellent look into Jewish life in Russia! It is both enlightening and thought-provoking.

19:31 PM December 03, 2012

I love this blog! Russia is never a place that I knew a lot about (or even thought that much about) but through Heather's insightful and entertaining stories, I feel that I am able to experience and love Russia with her. I can't wait to read what she has to say next.....

Bernie Isacovici
21:00 PM December 03, 2012

Heather is not only an excellent writer, she portrays her experiences in a way that makes people want to visit the location. I look forward to reading more in the future.

23:05 PM December 03, 2012

This blog is not only well written but captivating as well. She brings to light such wonderful experiences and places. Her story telling and way with words is remarkable. Trully a wonderful experience with each read! It makes me feel like I'm with her on her journies instead of half a world away. Please keep it up!

04:27 AM December 04, 2012

More than a blog, torussia4love tells the adventures of an American woman move to Russia, and her experiences. Heather provides a unique view of a cosmopolitan New Yorker in and throughout Russia and Europe. Well written, with a perfect flow and pictures; allowing you a front row view of her experiences....only thing missing is the snow and cold. Otherwise, I would believe I was beside her. Excellent job....

Malky Tannenbaum Haimoff
05:39 AM December 04, 2012

Heather's blog is a fascinating look at a thoughtful and adventurous American expat's life in Russia. I enjoy her articulate writing and marvel at the details she thinks to share with her audience - details that show a deep understanding and growing appreciation for the history, culture and social life of her adopted part of the world. Heather's blog posts are not just a way for her to keep in touch with friends who eagerly await each update, but a resourceful guide to Russian Jewish, religious, historic, cultural and culinary destinations... I can't wait for the book/movie version!

16:05 PM December 04, 2012

Great blog! Well written and so informative. I am always excited to read the new one and try to the day that heather writes one. What an amazing journey she is on and how lucky we are all to be able to share it along side her!

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