Ever wondered what it would be like to just leave everything and move to a tropical island? I did, and that's exactly what I did. Follow my adventures as I discover the Philippines in my "tell it like it is" articles, videos and photos.
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Kevin K.
13:21 PM March 20, 2013

Henry and his blog, Life Beyond the Sea, is GREAT!! Henry keeps it real! He is an excellent writer and keeps it entertaining, fun and lot's of valuable information. Everything he writes about he experiences. It is not a "word of mouth" blog.

14:55 PM March 20, 2013

One of the most well written blogs in the Philippines. Blog is devoted to experiencing living in the Philippines from a newcomers perspective. And, from a single man's point of view, he provide some great insights into the dating culture.

05:00 AM March 22, 2013

Henry is an intelligent and articulate writer, with a knack for dramatic intrigue.

16:15 PM March 22, 2013

Henry's blogs are the highlight of my lunch hour! I'm excited to read his new articles when they're written! His follies during his outings, such as simply having dinner at the mall during an earthquake, make me laugh nearly every time! His writing is descriptive, articulate and can nearly picture yourself in his shoes!

22:56 PM March 22, 2013

Henry has been very helpful to myself and many others. When I was first trying to decide to come to the Philippines, I had many questions. What he didn't answer in his articles, he was kind enough to email me directly the answers I needed. I will definitely want to visit him when I get there to thank him in person for all the slices of life there that he has shared with us.

19:53 PM March 24, 2013

Henry's blog is awesome. Henry's writing style makes you feel like your are right there along with him experiencing everything he experiences. His writing style describes everything to the tee from the sense of smell to the lights sounds and everything going on. He makes you laugh and see things for what they really are. This blog is the Best in it's class by far. Keep up the great work Henry!

12:12 PM April 02, 2013

Henry is a true storyteller, and in the relatively short time that he has been in-country, he has already experienced and processed more of the Philippines than other expats' ever will! His videos are riveting, always come across honestly, and always bring a smile or shake of the head! I'm convinced that his appreciation of the country and and the Filipino people along with his sense of wonder,and willingness to get out of his "comfort zone" will really take him places here. Truly a fascinating "niche" blog!

Miss August
23:05 PM May 05, 2013

Henry is an excellent writer! It's great to see a blog about the Philippines from a new comers point-of-view, who tells it like it is.

23:00 PM June 02, 2013

Henry - Your blog and YouTube channel are great. I subscribed to the latter and look forward to more of your PI adventures. Cheers.

11:26 AM July 28, 2013

Henry writes in a very nice way, I loved reading this blog

10:15 AM July 29, 2013

henry how are u I hope ur doing ok in my country im here in hongkong I always reading your article about my country I really like it u write it in very honest way your not bias,i agree about your adventure in my country ur not only write the bad side and good side about Philippines even the attitude of fili and also the religeuos outlook thanks n god bless u always and don't forget your exercise lol

Don Russell
04:29 AM April 18, 2014

u do a great job Enrique, Really.

14:39 PM May 12, 2014

I truly enjoy Reekay V's writing style and topics. I'm from the Philippines (now a U.S. citizen, retired from the U.S. Navy and now work as U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer) but I find his articles and videos so entertaining and educational. Thank you Reekay V.

23:18 PM May 28, 2014

I love your straightforward comments. I am a filipino and a permanent resident here in California. I used to work in Iligan City in Mindanao. I had the opportunity to see most of Mindanao as far west as Basilan and far east as Nonoc Island, Surigao city, down south to Davao City and GenSan. I've been to camiguin, bohol, mactan, cebu, dumaguete, bacolod, iloilo to name a few. I was born in Panay close to Boracay. I agree with most of your observations about the places you've been but I need to hear about your opinion on the subtle difference in attitude and outlook in life of local folks in each island. There are tons of common bonds as Filipinos but each island has its differences which makes moving from island to island more interesting. Hey Reekay if you keep on island hoping give Romblon islands a try. You can go there from Boracay in one of those motorized boats. There are interesting towns and villages not too far from touristy Boracay but still have their rural appeal such towns as Pandan, Antique or the fishing villages of Tangalan, Aklan. Just a suggestion just in case you have the chance.

Neil Harlan
09:43 AM July 25, 2014

I've been following Henry's Philippines adventure for quite a while now and I'm addicted. He is so gifted and positive. He's had his share of hassles being mugged, robbed and pig farming challenges but somehow he keeps his chin up and spirits high. When I think about all the time he must devote to crafting his posts and filming his videos often staying up all hours of the night it is truly inspiring. Not only does he go into great detail but he does it with great insight in a skillful poetic way. I keep hearing mention of novels in the making. I look forward to them. I read a lot of fine expat blogs but Henry's is in a league of it's own.

07:21 AM August 18, 2014

i like this blog it gives easy and more informative to those who needs

05:41 AM September 08, 2014

Henry, I enjoyed your stories and the video clips. One of hotels in Cebu city have a skyline extreme and a sky walk adventure. Am wondering if you could posted a longer video clip while up on the 37th floor.

20:10 PM December 02, 2014

Hello Henry and all of you experts on the Philippines.... I am a single American from Portland, Oregon 50 years old and am a professional golfer. I want to come and visit Cebu and stay for about a month. I want to bring my golf clubs and a carry on bag and play golf and meet some new people and just hang out...My question is : is it going to be too much trouble bringing my golf clubs-- transportation issues etc. and it seems staying in a hotel for a month could get expensive...any advice or information on my plight ? thank you

17:57 PM January 25, 2015

Hello,I was wondering if you guys are updating this blog..I am planning to move to phi in Feb of this year(2015).just wanted a little local advice..thanks

16:25 PM July 11, 2015

Absolutely fantastic I'm coming over soon to see my lovely phillipino girlfriend Henery has put my mind at rest, he describes everything we need to know the culture the lovely beautiful people the economy, the age misconseption.. Hope Henery stays in dumagetti I'd love to meet with him+definitely buy him lunch... I've tried to sign in to blog but have had difficulty, so I if you see this Henery please help me as you are the pc expert..

Gustavo Woltmann
18:45 PM January 27, 2017

It's great to see articles about the Philippines. Thank you Henry for an awesome blog. - Gustavo Woltmann

02:46 AM October 13, 2017

Hi, I enjoy watching most of the Philippines utubers, I think life beyond the Sea is my favorite. Anyway I have seen most of you describe the urban/social dangers. I would like to see some videos on the environment dangers. The one I'm most interested in is the cobra, do you have encounters, how often?,are there other poisionus critters to be aware of and so on.

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