The Pink Tarha

The Pink Tarha
Written by four Filipinas who are living in the desert of Arabia, The Pink Tarha is the lifestyle guide to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Roi Ontiveros
08:28 AM November 28, 2012

One of the best, if not the BEST, blogs here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It deals with what women want to do here and makes us guys understand what women really want.

Zhariya Camid
08:29 AM November 28, 2012

How to hype up....and keep up the life of women in Saudi Arabia... only Pink Tarha can share you the ideas.

08:31 AM November 28, 2012

informative! =) kip up the gud work! =D happy to get infos here at riyadh

08:41 AM November 28, 2012

It's not The Place, It's The People . The Pink Tarha is doing a great job in showing us the sunny side of Riyadh ! Great job , ladies ! Wish you all the best !

08:43 AM November 28, 2012

It is always a joy to read Pink Tarha's blogs.I am really amazed how TPTL describes and sees the beauty and positive aspects of the country (KSA) which is my current and second home - from restaurant reviews and best vacation getaways, to community service (how to's)and some simple everyday things that made you smile. And of course, anyone loves TPTL's Sale Alerts! Note: This comment is done during work/office hours. ^_^

Areeba Faraz
08:51 AM November 28, 2012

love the girlies :) I simply love there blog it adds a bit of sparkle to our desert life here in riyadh

Pam Anne
09:43 AM November 28, 2012

I've come across the The Pink Tarha blog only a year ago when I was google-searching about ways of paying Philhealth, Pag-ibig, and SSS here in Riyadh. They really do write informative articles that are such a great help to all Filipinos living and working in Saudi Arabia. Their insightful observations about Riyadh opened my eyes to its beauty and they never cease to amaze me. They made people see that Riyadh, just like some cities in the other side of the world, can be a hell of a lot of fun! Since then, whenever I need to search the net for something about KSA, I would go to their site right away, certain, there would be an answer. Kudos to these girls! I'm such a fan, I've even told my friends to visit their site, like their page in facebook and follow them in instagram. Well, i hope you do, too.

09:49 AM November 28, 2012

keep up the good work, Pink Tarha....thanks for the infos.

Olivia Trinidad Ismaiel
10:01 AM November 28, 2012

Their page in the FB is one reason why I open my FB as soon as I wake up in the morning! I read their reviews before going to certain restaurants and places!

She Nora
10:23 AM November 28, 2012

The Pink Tarha Ladies are the pride of Filipino women here in Riyadh! Their blogs are very informative... It's more fun in Saudi with TPT! More Power and All the Best! Cheers!

10:23 AM November 28, 2012

useful website

Meg Tillah
10:33 AM November 28, 2012

Being new in Riyadh, i wandered so many websites for tips but none really sufficed my clueless mind, not until i specifically typed in the search bar: "tips for pinay housewife going to Riyadh", and The Pink Tarha blogsite was one of the many search results. I was hooked right there and there not knowing (or you might say, panicking) on what to read first. I may say these bloggers helped me so much in so many things that my husband's left eyebrowse raise into, can i say envy?, with so much infos i'm feeding him! He whos has been working here haven't heard of this and that when suddenly, me, left in the house, knew so much..hahaha.I'm not being biased when I say The Pink Tarha bloggers should definitely win this award because they truly most deserving. They blog for the fun and passion of it without asking for any in return...just friendship. Viva Pink Tarha!

12:55 PM November 28, 2012


13:05 PM November 28, 2012

You are simply the best PINK TARHA LADIES! Your blogs were very deserved the award!!

15:29 PM November 28, 2012

A very nice and very informative blog, not lying ;) :D It can help a lot! :D Goodwork and Goodluk in the future :D

Sheila Marie Tan
15:37 PM November 28, 2012


15:47 PM November 28, 2012

Entertaining and insightful a great opportunity to get a different perspective into the Magic Kingdom.

16:32 PM November 28, 2012

pink tarha is the shiznit!!! their blog is very helpful with expats here in Riyadh, KSA.

Moonyeen Mateo
16:39 PM November 28, 2012

it's been my guide here in riyadh...informative and a joy to read.

Minya Brioso
16:43 PM November 28, 2012

This blog is so awesome. I've learned a lot of things from all of you. Since the day I saw your blog, I kept on reading your posts. Take care.

17:39 PM November 28, 2012

TPT blog is very informative and helps me a lot to know what are the best things here in Riyadh..It serve as a guide for a newbie like me.. Everything that I want to know., where to eat good food specially Pinoy food that I've been craving for, what to do when summer or cold months are here to come, where to buy a specific item that I need and places that I have never been or experience at all seems like I personally experience them when I was reading all their blogs..TPT blog is the best!^_^

Andy Jamito
18:18 PM November 28, 2012

Yes, keep up the good work ladies....

NJ Abad
18:42 PM November 28, 2012

One of the best if not the best expat blogs in Saudi Arabia... Always a joy to read their posts.

18:48 PM November 28, 2012

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do I Check your status and get a very positive thoughts and a soooooooo different image of KSA and from my little Belgium want to already be there and meet with you and participate to sooo Many things that you Share with us. i really Like your positive attitude, and knowing you virtualy is a plus in my simple Life. So only for that Thank you for all your sharing and I absolutly want to meet with you as soon as I come. Still have 1 month waiting inchallah. Good luck ladies

Regina Concepcion
19:34 PM November 28, 2012

Living in Saudi Arabia was once such a dreadful thought, until The Pink Tarha ladies decided to share the good things about it. The blog has such great impact, that our fellow Filipinos who usually have second thoughts on working in this country now become very excited just from the thought of it. Kudos and more power to these amazing women!

Sheikha Ticzon
21:20 PM November 28, 2012

Expat Blog Award 2012 = The Pink Tarha :)

Lilian Tan
04:03 AM November 29, 2012

This is a very useful blog for the first timer in Riyadh to have an accurate and up to date information about living in Riyadh. For the ladies of the pink tarha, we are very proud of you and keep it up!

James Edward Taruc
09:04 AM November 29, 2012

Our daily dose of survival here in the Kingdom particularly many uplifting discussions...the best source of positive thoughts! the lady bloggers are all doing great. keep it up!

Francis Noces
15:53 PM November 30, 2012

Empowering women, oasis of knowledge, excellent writers...all in Pink Tarha!

01:36 AM December 01, 2012

Everyone has their own misconceptions about KSA especially with how women live their lives..but you've done a great job changing that. :) Keep up the good work!

Geff Sagala
09:06 AM December 01, 2012

Pink Tarha is my guide for the best place to dine in Riyadh. They have the best reviews & most reliable recommendations for their followers! Pink Tarha is definitely the best blogsite in Riyadh! xoxo G

Lot B. Lisondra Jr
16:11 PM December 02, 2012

A very informative blog specially for expatriates living in the kingdom and not to mention, a well written articles by an equally talented and brilliant filipinas. Congrats!

18:00 PM December 02, 2012

very informative

Bernard Marquez
07:11 AM December 03, 2012

This is an amzaing avenue to share the experiences of the Filipina expats here in Saudi Arabia. Very informative and entertaining... Truly, it shows the versatility of Filipinas and how diverse they are...

Efren Lopez
07:35 AM December 03, 2012

The Pink Tarha is a super-super blog not only in KSA but in the Middle East. And by the mere look at it, Four Pilipinas are doing the job not only for Filipinos but for all who are in KSA. They deserved not only 5 Star but 7. Keept it up Pink Tarha....

07:45 AM December 03, 2012

I am not a "readaholic" but I can spend all day reading The Pink Tarha's blogs. Love their blogs very much!

Cielo Algaeed
08:08 AM December 03, 2012

Way to go pink tarha! Thank u for inspiring us!!! All the best! Good luck!

Ramed Borja
08:10 AM December 03, 2012

The lifestyle blog that keeps us in sane =) Kudos to all the passionate ladies who makes history everyday in this part of the world! Praying for more success on all your endeavors!

Sarah Dela Cruz
08:13 AM December 03, 2012

I love TPT! Very informative.

Junice Savares
08:29 AM December 03, 2012

I've been living in the middle east all my life, im glad this blog shows the world how beautiful riyadh is :)

Ron Jacobe
09:50 AM December 03, 2012

Fab blog to get you at home in Riyadh, KSA, and a bit of beyond :)

Isaac Puno
10:21 AM December 03, 2012

I'm no where near KSA, but the point of view that the writers use in this blog allows me to understand and feel what it would be like to live in KSA. Great job ladies!!! XD

RA Soriano
11:23 AM December 03, 2012

very informative and helpful. thumbs up for a job well done. :)

Elmi Cruz
11:35 AM December 03, 2012

Very informative...this is so great...GOOD JOB!

11:47 AM December 03, 2012

The pink tarha ladies showcases information dissemination about having the other side of living in the middle east in a fun way. Thank you for sharing your blog to us. Keep it up.

12:09 PM December 03, 2012

"Yes, I really grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia," is what I would say, almost to reassure truth to an earlier statement, whenever I would introduce myself to new people. Then I would recommend the Pink Tarha Blog, it's the best way to allude many of their misconceptions about the place. Getting to see updates on the place I used to call home is definitely another perk. I even get excited to see announcements on mall sales, even when the demographics are clearly an impossibility! Keep up the great job, girls!

12:26 PM December 03, 2012

Of course the Award belongs to Pink Tarha! These innovative ladies knew exactly what was missing in KSA and just did it with fun, creativity and hope for other women (I am one of them). They also started coffee morning series which I can find very useful, informative and wonderful opportunity for other ladies to learn and network. Thank you Pink Tarha, hopefully the award is yours :)

Desiree Regidor
12:33 PM December 03, 2012

Totally amazed to know there are 4 smart and brave ladies behind this informative blog. Riyadh seems scary for others but hey, it's not what you think it is... Expats also have many things to enjoy there! - enjoying life cheaper than other countries especially when it comes to shopping! ;) Ladies love that! ;)

Ly S.
13:07 PM December 03, 2012

Their site is not just famous among Filipinos here in Saudi Arabia but even to other nationalities. Their site is talk of the blogsphere not just for women but even among the guys. The way they make present their reviews are well-balanced, fair and reliable. The Pink Tarha is a top site. Awards are worth to their Site. Go for the win TPT!

13:22 PM December 03, 2012

this blog is very informative. congrats to the people behind this blog. keep up the good work and continue to be an inspiration to your readers! :)

13:38 PM December 03, 2012

nice job ladies... keep up the good work

13:43 PM December 03, 2012

Pink Tarha is a good source of information for the expats in Riyadh. Love their site :)

13:53 PM December 03, 2012

i love your blog.. very informative and the best... meeting the both worlds in one blog... congratulations ladies.. for the win

14:01 PM December 03, 2012

the most informative, Straightforward, trusted and reliable blog... simple yet direct to the point... i love you ladies..

14:14 PM December 03, 2012

And the winner is!!!!! The Pink Tarha!!! :) there is no place like home :( being far from our love ones is not that easy..but thanks to TPT for making me feel that im not alone and its not impossible for us to enjoy our stay here in the desert!!! Keep it up ladies!!!

Abhiksha Bansal
15:04 PM December 03, 2012

This blog helped me know the place i am in.....the girls are extremely responsive and genuine in their write-ups....they dont have hang ups to admit if they are not aware of any information.....and they have great sense of humour.....gud luck !!!

15:08 PM December 03, 2012

the most succulent blog i ever love.... and the winner pink tarha

Zamil Carey
15:15 PM December 03, 2012

i love pink tarha.... i love you ladies

Juan Tamad
15:58 PM December 03, 2012

Great job. Amazing

17:07 PM December 03, 2012

Give us more ladies! You're doing great

Badj Sotto
19:02 PM December 03, 2012

I've been in Riyadh for the last 11 years and this blog has definitely opened a whole new world of fun possibilities in this once ultra conservative country. Thank you TPT for making it easy for the newbies in KSA and more fun for the rest of us! You deserve an award! :)

Ian Dimitui
20:40 PM December 03, 2012

Informative, Interesting, and Entertaining blog...Good job ladies!

22:27 PM December 03, 2012

Having lived in Riyadh as a kid (during the Gulf War!) I have the same view of how everything's like. But thanks to Pink Tarha blog, I can see how modernized and how some places have improved compared to the 90s! Sometimes, I even consider visiting KSA again because of how well these girls have shown the side of KSA I probably never got to see before :)

09:30 AM December 04, 2012

We are in a region where lifestyle is a mandate. TPT, on the other hand provides "Riyadhzens" alternatives to this seemingly closed culture we dwell in. Their blog is like a palette endowing colors to a black canvass and hightlights the spectacular. They share-in more and more reasons that there's definitely something worth staying in Riyadh.

14:27 PM December 04, 2012

I am very thankful that we have TPT Ladies here in Riyadh. They make the lives of expat here in Riyadh so easy...their blogs help us in understanding the culture and way of life here in Saudi Arabia...So ladies keep up the good work!!!

00:12 AM December 05, 2012

Having heard of personal stories, impressions from the news/reports and my small knowledge of Riyadh, I dreaded the day I had to follow my husband here aside from having to leave my family, career and home in the Philippines. The hardest to deal with was the feeling of being stripped off of my freedom -- to "roam", drive and be an independent woman as I have been used to. The Pink Tarha gave me hope that despite the different culture, strict laws and restrictions, I can live a normal (enough) life and enjoy what Riyadh has to offer. No, I cannot drive here still but I can "roam" (through the TPT site if not being able to physically do) and be independent the most I can be. Thank you TPTL! Thanks for being my lifeline! =D

09:36 AM December 05, 2012

two thumbs up to The Pink Tarha blog! very smart, chic and informative. i can't recommend it enough!

Jou Pabalate
12:26 PM December 05, 2012

Blogging at its wittiest, "chic"est best.

Angela De Guzman
21:58 PM December 05, 2012

This blog has truly been abke to paint the dessert-y dry beige color of Riyadh to a blossoming and booming PINK! Nothing else can make Riyadh sound and feel like a lifestyle you'd want to have. These ladies make me proud to be a Filipina! All the truly deserve this award!

23:01 PM December 05, 2012

I really enjoy reading your blog, it's very entertaining!

Jennie Sexy
05:19 AM December 06, 2012


Hannah Marielle
18:27 PM December 06, 2012

Searched the blogosphere of Riyadh over and out and there's definitely no other blog like this one! The Pink Tarha MUST WIN!!!

13:30 PM November 05, 2018

Very informative...this is so great Thanks

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