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23 Jul at 6 PM

Survey suggests Phuket tourism environmental damage and prices are too high

A survey of expats in Phuket has concluded most respondents consider tourism environmental damage is too high. The online study, started by a Thai expat student at a Canadian university, has concluded the environmental damage created by the island’s booming tourist trade is too high to be justifiable. The poll ran for just one week and...
23 Jul at 6 PM

New Europeans supporter’s bike pilgrimage boosts EU Green Card

A ‘New Europeans’ supporter is undertaking a 2,000 kilometre bike ride to boost the group’s EU Green Card proposal. Rafal Skarbek is cycling from his home in Somerset to the Spanish pilgrimage site at Santiago de Compostela in order to publicise New Europeans’ award-winning European Green Card proposal aimed at protecting...
23 Jul at 6 PM

Western expats in Siem Reap fleeing Chinese takeover

Even before the Cambodian town of Siem Reap became an expat hub, tourists flocked to the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat. During the early days of the town’s tourism boom, a few long-staying expats had opened guest houses and hotels catering for the crowds arriving to stare in wonder at the imposing remnants of the...
22 Jul at 6 PM

Heartless landowner balked by Animal Need Foundation expat volunteers and givers

After a heartless landowner sold land rented by the Animal Need Foundation without giving them a chance to raise the money needed, expats rallied and donated enough to start anew. Following an appeal for donations by the English language Olive Press newspaper, the Spanish animal rescue centre was attempting to raise €165,000 by August...
22 Jul at 6 PM

EU expats and Brits join hands in London protest

In addition to the call for a second referendum, expatriates living and working in the UK are now adding their total disapproval of the prospect of a Boris premiership to their protests. Last Saturday’s central London march took the message ‘No to Boris, yes to Europe’ to its heart, with protestors costumed as Johnson, faces painted...
22 Jul at 6 PM

Abu Dhabi voted safest world city for expat families yet again

Abu Dhabi is now rated as the world’s safest city for expats. In a recent survey undertaken by Numbeo, Abu Dhabi has been rated the safest city in the world for expats and their families. For the iconic UAE city, the rating is the third consecutive time it’s topped the 330 other world cities surveyed, beating out even Dubai and its...
19 Jul at 6 PM

Holidaying expats refused flights home after new Kuwaiti ID system gets it wrong

Expats living and working in Kuwait who’ve taken their annual holidays in Europe are facing problems due to the emirate’s new-style ID residency system. It’s normal for expats working in the UAE to holiday either back in the home country or in other resort areas, but many have been refused permission to depart and return to Kuwait....
19 Jul at 6 PM

Asia now a hub for expats pursuing crypto dreams

Asia is now the world’s favourite hub for expats’ crypto careers. Expats from the West are now congregating in Asian countries in the hope of furthering their crypto careers. According to those on the scene, hopefuls from the USA, the UK, Australia and Europe are arriving in far greater numbers than ever before, all working to grab a...
19 Jul at 6 PM

Private bankers overwhelmed as Hong Kong millionaires transfer fortunes overseas

As the riots and marches continue in Hong Kong, jittery millionaires are transferring their cash to Singapore’s safe haven. Wealth managers and private bankers are being overwhelmed by enquiries as Hong Kong’s most wealthy residents struggle to get their cash out of the former British colony, even although the controversial...
19 Jul at 6 PM

How many expats are unknowingly accidental Americans?

As the USA taxman widens his net still further, expats all over the world with relatives in the USA are getting scared. The ‘accidental American’ issue is garnering even more publicity as the IRS ramps up its efforts to snare even more unaware individuals unlucky enough to have been born in the good old US of A. It’s ridiculous that...
19 Jul at 6 PM

Inflation in Europe stays low but currency exchange rates have expats worried

Expats living in Europe are seeing low cost of living increases. Expatriates living and working in the European Union are facing an average cost of living increase of 1.6 per cent in both May and June this year. According to the European Central Bank, it’s targeting an increase of just below two per cent, with European parliament...
19 Jul at 6 PM

Vietnam term deposits give 5 to 8 per cent interest for expats

In spite of rumours to the contrary, expats living in Vietnam are still allowed to use local banks for term deposits. The confirmation came from the State Bank of Vietnam after a number of banks began refusing to open savings deposits for expatriates. The banks concerned say they are merely interpreting instructions sent from the central...
17 Jul at 6 PM

Is saving for an expat retirement justifiable?

Is retiring overseas the right decision? For the past decade or so, waves of would-be expat retirees have saved, planned and dreamed about retiring to a sun-kissed overseas paradise, with a good proportion heading back home after a few years, wiser but poorer for the experience. Saving hard for a life in the sun seems to be de rigueur ...
17 Jul at 6 PM

Dubai female expat sponsorship rules add confusion due to mixed messages

The basis for expat sponsorship of family members is now set on salary rather than job title. Clarification of the actual requirements for sponsorship was necessary after wives planning to sponsor their husbands were unsure of their right to do so after Dubai officials had been advising that sponsorship was limited to expat professionals...
17 Jul at 6 PM

Expats in Bali enjoy the challenge of finding a job

For many adventurous holidaymakers, a first visit to Bali leads fairly swiftly to a life-changing decision – becoming an expat in that exotic destination. Packing a bag, booking a flight, upping the credit card limit and arriving as an expat searching for a job can all be the result of a holiday in this beautiful location. However,...
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  • "The law has been passed this week and Spain offers arguably the most attractive "Golden Visa" option in Europe. We should not expect this to move the market in Spain. We are talking about investment over €500,000, the luxury end. And nationwide we would expect no more than a few hundred transactions in the first year. But it is a positive..." left by La Vida Spain on New Spanish property investment visa draws Chinese and Russians
  • "After reading about the expats survey in our local freebie paper and deciding to take part, logging on to this left me quite bamboozled as to where the survey is, there seems to be no sign of it. I suggest if a survey is being conducted under whatever guise a list of questions be published for expats to answer. Otherwise this survey is..." left by Brian Milnes on Massive new independent expat survey now live online
  • "The article is quite clear and as usual in this country ( spain) because I live in a remote area I only find things out accidently or by being surprised and fined. I don't understand how the European parliament does not act against this type of 'robo'. It is so frustrating to see a corrupt and authoritarian Spanish government get away with..." left by john porro on Spain to apply stealth tax to residents with solar power
  • "Absolutely right - already we have been receiving requests from cliets based in Italy to look at how they can 'avoid' the new regime. The Italian government is shooting itself in the foot on this one - people will relocate!" left by TaxTeddy on Changes to Italian tax regime to hit hard on expats
  • "Although there are a large number of British curriculum school in Dubai it's not easy to get into one. The waiting lists are long to start with, sometimes artificially long. People move away and don't remove their name from lists, and fearing the long lists parents put their children's names down on several lists. It's also an expensive..." left by Expat Explorers on British curriculum international schools popular in UAE and Asia